Anonymous asked: Michael Brown absolutely deserved to be shot and killed. He robbed a store, assaulted an officer, attempted to steal his weapon and flee from said officer. The officer was in the hospital with a broken jaw from the assault. The police have a right to defend themselves.


Well, this is a new one. I didn’t even get the notification in my ask box. So here we go.

Missouri does currently have a death penalty in place. Capital crimes include aggravated kidnapping, drug trafficking, aircraft hijacking, and placing a bomb near a bus terminal but have basically been limited to first degree murder.

So let’s assume the very worst of Mike Brown. At absolute worst, Brown committed strong-arm robbery, jaywalking, attempting to steal a weapon, and resisting arrest. So what is our list again?

  • Aggravated kidnapping
  • Drug trafficking
  • Aircraft hijacking
  • Placing a bomb near a bus terminal
  • First degree murder

And even then, precedent basically states that only first degree murder will even begin the process of thinking about handing down the death penalty.

So what are Brown’s crimes?

  • Strong-arm robbery (1-20 years)
  • Jaywalking (fine)
  • Stealing an officer’s weapon (4 years)
  • Resisting arrest (fine and up to a year in county jail)

So I would really like to understand the reasoning of you thinking an 18-year-old boy who at worst committed crimes to get sentenced to a maximum of twenty years deserved to die.

His attempting to flee absolutely proves that the officer had no reason to fear for his life. If the assailant is running away, that means all risk for the officer’s life has vanished. Any attempting to harm the person after that is overkill.

Even beyond that, the police are not judge, jury, and executioner. No one person gets to decide if another gets to live or die, especially not one who is put in the position of keeping the community safe. Even if Mike Brown had done everything on the list of capital crimes in Missouri, he would not have deserved to die the way he did (not to say I support the death penalty, I have been outspoken against it since I wrote an opinion piece for my local paper when I was 13).

Do cops have the right to defend themselves? Yup, just like everyone else. Does shooting an unarmed boy six times count as defense? No fucking way, it is murder.

And excuse me if I am not moved by Wilson’s broken jaw. I would say that seeing how he is still on paid suspension by the FPD and Mike Brown is fucking dead, he came out of this with the better deal.


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